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Our private investigators in Niagara Falls, Ontario provide high quality investigation services for domestic & legal matters, corporate investigations and government clients. 

We provide a personal level of care when we handle your sensitive investigation. Using the latest technology paired with a specialized and discreet investigative method, we discover the facts and present the evidence in a detailed, high quality report.

All relevant evidence is considered and interpreted. Our clients receive a detailed investigation resulting with the facts they need to make the right decisions.


Have your ex’s dangerous habits really changed? Humans are creatures of habit, and a lot of our clients have a common fear that their children will be exposed to dangerous environments or substances while in the care of the other parent. Clients often feel worried that the court ordered conditions will be simply ignored again. Unfortunately, we have verified a lot of their concerns and observed children exposed to circumstances of danger and neglect along with violations of court conditions. Fortunately though, we are able to document the offences, and when we saw children in danger, we intervened immediately. We have investigators in Niagara Falls and prioritize child safety investigations due to their sensitive nature. 

Businesses across Niagara Falls, Ontario retain the services of our agency to conduct thorough background checks and unbiased investigations relating to fraud, dishonesty and misconduct, by employees and outside parties. Our surveillance services are engineered to achieve the highest quality results. We employ a diverse team of private investigators, many of whom are former police officers, insurance experts, and legal industry professionals. Our research department works with assets in over 100 countries to offer our clients with the most access to information worldwide. 

Our insurance investigators in Niagara Falls are ready at a moments notice to get the facts you need. We have conducted hundreds of investigations relating to fraudulent Accident Benefits Claims, Bodily Injury Claims, and WSIB Claims. We have a detail oriented approach from the beginning. Once we receive your claim, we conduct a detailed background using open source intelligence gathering and specialty searches to obtain specific information. We include a free social media harvest for all insurance claimants. Private Solutions Agency achieves superior quality evidence and reports with every case we investigate.

Evidence is processed and stored according to Ministry regulations, federal and provincial laws, and specific client requirements. 

We provide clients in Niagara Falls, Ontario with comprehensive criminal record and background checks, driving record checks, complete social media investigations, phone information trace and phone GPS location acquisition. Our research team works with assets in over 100 countries and has an almost endless reach to obtain information. Our witness statements and interviews are conducted by investigators who have had lifelong careers as police officers, to ensure the highest quality standard are maintained. 

If you have noticed a behaviour change with your romantic partner or family member, and your gut is telling you “something’s not right”, you should listen to yourself. We have investigated a large variety of extremely sensitive domestic investigations in Niagara Falls, ranging from cheating spouses to missing persons and criminal investigations. If you believe your partner is being unfaithful, don’t react emotionally, and don’t make any major decisions or confront them before you know the facts. If a family member has been showing signs for concern we can help guide you in the right direction. We have conducted hundreds of unique personal investigations regarding spousal and family matters and always provide our clients with an objective perspective for their matter. Our private investigators are caring and compassionate at all times, and are never judgemental under any circumstance.

We offer GPS Tracking and Monitoring throughout Niagara Falls, where legally permitted. Our tracker units are accurate, high quality and discreet. Corporate clients can monitor the real time location, speed and routes driven in a company vehicle. When GPS tracking is paired with surveillance, high quality results can be achieved while maintaining the absolute discretion. We offer affordable weekly rentals and sales of GPS trackers in Niagara Falls, which include training, installation and technical support. 

Counter-Surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance and stalking. We provide affordable counter surveillance services to both private and corporate clients. Modern day hidden cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Some camera lenses are no larger than the tip of a ballpoint pen (1mm). These devices could be placed anywhere and are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Private Solutions Agency is equipped with the latest technology and is a leader in detecting hidden spy equipment, such as static and transmitting hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and hidden audio recorders. We are experienced in detecting and deterring physical and electronic surveillance in all environments. We have found hidden cameras in peoples private homes, disguised as clocks, wall plugs, USB sticks and also a custom built spy camera placed inside a remote. We can also locate unauthorized GPS trackers which may be hidden on a vehicle.

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