in any location

Using the latest technology and investigative techniques, our PI’s gather the evidence you need, and present it clearly in a professional report with digital exhibits.

We are prepared to conduct surveillance operations during any season & in all environments.  From busy city centres, to the remote backcountry, we’ll get the facts you need to make the right decisions.

We guarantee your budget will be managed efficiently to ensure the best results. Clients receive an itemized invoice for services rendered.

High Quality Investigations by experienced private Investigators

The discoveries developed through our covert surveillance services are often crucial to proving facts and disproving false claims. Our evidence is obtained legally and is admissible in court, along with testimonies from our investigators. 

All clients receive a written report, video, photo & document evidence, and an itemized invoice. There are no hidden fees.

Domestic Investigations & Surveillance

We provide solutions to sensitive domestic matters. Whether you need information on somebody or an insight into their day-to-day activities, our investigators are ready to discover the truth. It is important to know the facts before approaching a spouse or partner with suspicions of infidelity, or before making any major life decisions. 

Call Private Solutions for a no obligation consultation and we will discuss your needs. 

We guarantee to try and find the most cost-effective solutions to get you the facts.  

Corporate Surveillance Services

Private Solutions Agency has assisted businesses ranging from independent owners, to Fortune 500 companies mitigate risk associated with dishonest employees. Using the latest technology and proven investigation techniques, we procure high quality evidence and present it in a clear report. Some Corporate Investigations we have conducted include:

Employee Theft and Fraud

Undercover Operations

Supervisory Issues

WSIB and Insurance Benefit Investigations

Trade Secret / Intellectual Property Investigations

Counter-Surveillance Services

Counter Surveillance refers to measures undertaken to detect and prevent physical and electronic surveillance. We provide TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) sweeps for residences, businesses and vehicles. We have successfully located illegal GPS Trackers on vehicles, hidden spy cameras in clients homes and workplaces, and hidden audio recording devices in homes and vehicles. We use state of the art frequency analyzers, and custom built equipment to identify and locate eavesdropping bugs.

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