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We provide affordable, detailed and comprehensive background reports on individuals, and businesses around the world.

Criminal & Provincial Records Checks

Driving Records Checks

Employment & Residential Verifications

Interviews & Character References 

Premarital Background Checks

Criminal Offences and Provincial Offences Check

We have access to comprehensive criminal record checks as well as driving abstracts, provincial offences, and by-law citations.

Tenant Application Background Search for Landlords

Every landlord has heard stories from those “tenants from hell”. We provide quick and affordable background searches for prospective tenants, and can conduct interviews with previous landlords, and check references. With a small investment into a background search, you could have the peace of mind that you are accepting a responsible tenant that will not compromise the security or value of your property.

Pre-Marriage Background Checks

If you are feeling suspicious about your spouse or new partner, don’t ignore your gut feelings. Perhaps you’ve caught them in a lie or maybe they avoids introducing you to their friends. Possibly you don’t even know where they live, or worry that they might be lying to you about their past.

No matter the circumstances of your case, we are here to help.

It’s definitely not a pleasant thought that your romantic partner may be hiding a dark past, or a problematic lifestyle. Have you noticed their avoidance of any topics relating to their past? We provide deep dive and discover the true version of events and state of affairs to give you the peace of mind before taking the next major step in your lives. We can discover past marriages, hidden assets and bank accounts, criminal records, and determine the extent of their financial profile. All of our searches are conducted discreetly and without the other person finding out.¬†

Employee Background Checks

Anybody can lie on a resume to try and land an interview instead of actually qualified candidates. We carefully review all of the information in the application process and cross reference it with our network of open source intelligence searches, and government records such as criminal background checks, driving record checks as well as past employer verification. We offer affordable solutions and normally get results within 48 hours.

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