Their Safety is our #1 priority.

A separation can be one of the most stressful events in someone’s life. It is made that much more complicated when children are involved. We prioritize providing surveillance services for child custody matters to ensure their safety, and to give our clients peace of mind.

We have successfully kept children safe by discovering violations in court conditions and by observing dangerous circumstances, and intervening immediately.

Private Investigators for
Child Custody and Court Compliance

Our child custody investigation may uncover many facts that a court will take into consideration when determining the best interests of the child.

This includes if a parent:

  • has been violent or abusive to the other spouse or children,
  • is involved in criminal activity,
  • is financially stable and able to provide for the children’s needs,
  • has a history of mental illness,
  • abuses alcohol or drugs,
  • neglects the children,
  • has a history of driving offences, or
  • does anything else that could affect the children’s well-being.

The most common investigative techniques to find evidence include:

  1. Surveillance: to monitor activities of the parent and document incidents of neglect, abuse or other forms of mistreatment.
  2. Background searches (criminal records, alcohol and substance abuse, lawsuits, and financial problems) to determine a parent’s ability to look after a child.
  3. Witness statements: to help establish character, conduct and suitability of a parent to have custody.


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