& Digital Forensics

We can find
a hidden Camera, Microphone and GPS.

We have invested in equipment to get the job done right the first time.

We have found illegal spying and tracking devices in client’s homes, workplaces and even their vehicles.

We also offer physical counter-surveillance solutions.


Find Hidden Spy Cameras

We use proven tools to locate spy cameras in clients homes and workplaces. Multiple optical devices, spectrum analyzers and RF scanners are used to identify and pinpoint the location of spy gear. We have located hidden spy cameras in old luggage, inside furniture, inside a modified Nintendo Wii remote, light fixtures, and workplaces.

Find Hidden Spy Microphones

Are you starting to notice that private and sensitive details from personal conversations are becoming known to others? Don’t ignore these warning signs and conduct a thorough sweep of all accessible areas for hidden microphones. We have found microphone and transmitters about the size of a quarter coin. Restore the security and peace of mind that your private residence remains private. Call Private Solutions for a no obligation consultation.

Find Hidden GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are used in real life much more common than most people realize. Unfortunately they are not always used by law-abiding citizens, and can pose a serious risk to the safety and security of yourself and your family and assets. We offer a convenient service to determine whether there is an illegal GPS tracking device on your vehicle. Using highly specialized equipment, we can  identify and locate GPS tracks, and make attempts to identify the people responsible.

DIGITAL FORENSICS: Desktop or Laptop DATA Extraction & Malware Scan

We can conduct a full digital analysis of a computer and determine the history, pattern of behaviours, locations of documents and files. 

DIGITAL FORENSICS: Mobile Phone and Tablet Data Extraction & Malware Scan

If you need to recover valuable data from a cell phone, Android tablet, iPad, or any other device, give us a call and we will discuss your needs. We can recover:

Deleted Text and Social Media Messages

Contacts and Call Activity

GPS History

Social Media Activity

GPS Locations

Calendars and To-Do’s