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OHSA investigations

Occasionally, there arises a need for an undercover investigator. Generally this happens when other techniques have failed to yield information or when the special perspective available to an undercover operative is needed.

When should you use Undercover Investigators?

  • Cases where consistent, reliable information suggests employee misconduct and/or criminal activity without sufficient detail to prevent the behaviour or identify those involved in it.
  • Known losses occur in a specific area but no information exists as to how they occur or who is responsible.
  • A strong suspicion (or actual indicators) exists of on-the-job substance abuse and/or drug dealing within the workplace.
  • When strong suspicion or actual indicators of on-the-job impairment or substance abuse exist and supervision is not responsive to the problem or is incapable of managing it.
  • When there is an absolute need to compare actual practices with required or specified practices and routine auditing is not possible.
  • When a high probability exists that the use of undercover investigation will yield significant results and all other methods of inquiry have been ruled out.

Private Solutions conducts undercover investigations by competent and experienced private investigators who specialize in this type of work. Proper training, education, and experience are necessary to prepare the agent for the role they will be working. Proper supervision and control over the agent is essential to ensure that the overall operation is effective.

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