Field Surveillance

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Surveillance is conducted by private investigators for the purposes of intelligence and evidence gathering, prevention of crime, the protection of a person or assets, or the investigation of crime. Physical surveillance is generally performed covertly and for the purpose of gathering evidence related to fraudulent activity.

All of our investigations are conducted professionally at the highest level of discretion and are treated with absolute integrity and confidentiality. Relevant evidence is collected in accordance with all provincial and federal laws, and a strict continuity of evidence is maintained. Our global research department finds the facts by working with assets in over 100 countries. Our investigators are able to collect evidence 24 hours a day with our custom built Night Vision Technology.

Private Solutions Agency works with a multicultural team of licensed and insured private investigators. We guarantee your case will be handled with care, and professionalism.

  • Activity Verification
  • Evidence Collection
  • Interview and Claims Verification
  • Fraud Investigations



Domestic Investigations

We handle sensitive domestic investigations with care and professionalism. Our clients are able to receive real time updates to information as it unfolds. Evidence is collected in accordance with all federal and provincial laws, and is able to be entered into evidence in court if needed.


Infidelity/ Cheating Spouse


It is important to have the facts before confronting a partner about infidelity, or before making any major life changes. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Contact Private Solutions for a no obligation consultation to determine the best steps going forward.


Divorce and Child Custody, Court Compliance


A divorce can be of the most stressful events in someone’s life, and it is made that much more complicated with children involved. We are dedicated to providing surveillance services for child custody matters to ensure their safety, and to give our clients peace of mind. We have successfully kept children safe by identifying violation of conditions in court orders, or by observing dangerous circumstances and intervening immediately.


WSIB and Fraud Investigations

Don’t become a victim of fraud! Get the facts you need.

Statistics show that insurance fraud in Ontario costs $1.6 billion each year. It is important to be proactive when it comes to fighting fraud. As members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario, we closely consider all aspects in relation to suspicious claims.

Evidence is collected in accordance with federal and provincial laws. We accommodate specific client instructions and procedures for evidence and report processing.

Look for these signs of fraudulent claims:

  • Alleged injury occurred without witnesses.
  • A delay in reporting an accident.
  • Claimant takes off more days than the injury would seem to warrant.
  • A claimant who refuses to accept treatment from a health care provider.

GPS Tracking & Monitoring

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rental Packages Available.

Where Legally Permitted.

We offer affordable rentals and sales of trackers, as well as complimentary training and consultations.

We can also locate GPS Trackers which may be hidden on vehicles. For more information, please visit Counter Surveillance Services.

  • Domestic Asset Tracking
  • Corporate Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking Services

Rural Surveillance

From busy cities to the remote backcountry; we find the facts, anywhere.

Canadians live throughout the vast and remote Canadian landscape. Private Solutions Agency understands that day to day investigations are not limited to densely populated cities.

Our investigators are experienced in conducting surveillance in remote areas and in all weather environments. We conduct investigations relating to summer camping activities, as well as winter sports.

  • Camping & Backcountry
  • Vacation & Out of Country
  • Indigenous Solutions

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