Our investigators can be positioned discreetly to document the evidence you need to resolve your problem quickly. We can accomplish more in fewer nights than others can in many days.

Up to meters
Of Clear Details at Night

Illegal Dumping/ Environmental Damage

Avoid costly removal fees, protect your property and the environment. Illegal dumping is a crime and leads to unsafe and unsanitary disposal of car parts, garbage, oil & other hazardous materials into the soil and water. Our technology can clearly identify individuals, vehicles and license plates without any external light sources.

Vandalism & Property Damage

Utilizing our night vision technology for investigations, we can clearly identify and document a repeated vandalism to your property or place of business. Even in places under the cover of darkness, with no visible light around. This has many uses for private clients who are dealing with a neighbourhood nuisance, and also for corporate investigations, where the vandalism results in a loss of business or a damaged reputation. 

Warehouse, Storage & Container theft

Our night vision cameras can be set up for investigations in any location. We provide affordable night vision solutions for businesses and security service providers. Transportation companies and storage sites are particularly vulnerable, as the cargo sitting in the trailers can be worth millions of dollars to some opportunistic thieves. 

Domestic Investigations Using Night Vision

We can use our night vision technology to conduct surveillance at night for domestic investigations, including monitoring activities at a residence, or documenting a cheating spouse or a family member while they are in public at night. Our investigations can be tailored to fit your needs. Contact us for more details.

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