The Night Vision Advantage

Life isn’t perfect and sometimes you have to know something. Sometimes you may have to prove it.
That care-giver you hired for Mom might not be spending four hours a day with her; or your business partner is disappearing with your book-keeper every noon hour and the books aren’t balanced. Or somebody has been climbing into your compound at nights and helping themselves to things… like your building supplies.
These and many other things happen. That’s the unfortunate side of life and at Private Solutions, we’ve seen it before.
What is more, we’ve given our clients the proof they need. Photographs, or better yet, video footage with a date -time stamp can help resolve issues your way.
There are lots of investigators staking out private homes, the local motel, worksites, or offices. It is more common than you realize.
There are very few investigators experienced in obtaining useful evidence in night time conditions. The photographer you might hire from a random detective agency could be experienced and competent enough in the day time. Except that their camera gear is the same stuff you own, and theirs is a lazy stake-out from the front seat of a car parked across the street…
People tend to notice that sort of thing and take precautions. This puts the time and money you put into an investigation go down the drain, and now whoever you wanted to catch in the act is aware that you may be on to them.
At Private Solutions Agency, our private investigators have the advantage. We aren’t parked across the street, rather we are some distance away. Our custom built equipment allows our investigators to be positioned several hundred metres away from the surveillance site in the cover of the night.
It’s not everyone who can produce a photo or footage that makes a face perfectly recognizable at 1,000 meters; or can read a licence plate at 500 meters on a dark street at night. Our investigators do this, and their film equipment didn’t come from over the counter. Their skills and the contents of their camera bags reflect years of practical experience.
So if one of your employees is assisting in ripping off your business, or your spouse is meeting somebody late at night… we can film it and they won’t know we’re on the case for you.
Life may not be perfect, but the resolution of our cameras may bring some clarity of your problem.


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