K9 Detection Services

Bed Bug Detection
Human Scent Tracking

K9 Laika is trained to detect live bed bugs and eggs.

K9 Aika is trained to detect human scent for missing persons and evidence recovery.



We have developed a K9 Division with efforts to address public health and safety concerns. Our mission is provide safety, protection and peace of mind to Canadians and their assets around the world.




Benefits of a Bed Bug Detection Dog

Improve Sanitation | Protect Reputation

A Trained K9:

  • has 220 million scent receptors to detect the odour of even a single bed bug.
  • can detect live bed bug scent through mattresses, inside walls and furniture.
  • proven to be up to 98% accurate
  • can accurately inspect a single room in 3-5 minutes
  • improves sanitation and protects reputation in the Hospitality Industry.
  • can work discreetly

K9 Aika : Human Scent

(Missing Persons/ Evidence Recovery)

K9 Aika is an extremely versatile and highly trained & driven working dog. Together with her handler, they can track a human scent trail through various terrains and over long distances.