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We have developed a K9 Division with efforts to address public health and safety concerns.

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"We had an issue with bed bugs in one of our rental properties, and despite getting pest control sprayings, the problem continued. A coworker recommended this company with a trained dog to sniff out bed bugs because they use them at their BnB. The dog and the handler gave us a demonstration before searching the house to explain how its done and eventually found a broken paper shredder and office chair which had several bugs hiding inside. We got rid of that furniture and sprayed again, and haven't had issues in a couple of months."
Client's Google Review, 2019

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Did you know?

K9 Laika has 220 million scent receptors and is trained to detect live bed bugs through mattresses, inside walls and furniture.

We offer FREE K9 Bed Bug Detection services for long term care residences and child care centres in Hamilton, Ontario!

We also offer significantly reduced K9 bed bug detection rates for community workers, emergency services, and healthcare professionals.

Don't let the
bed bugs bite