Are you
at risk?

What are the
warning signs?

  • History of violence at work and outside of work.
  • Short temper when experiencing challenges at work.
  • History of insubordination, verbal or written supervisory warnings.
  • Signs of problems at employees home or personal life.
  • Interpersonal conflict with other employees or contractors.

We provide proactive measures to mitigate risks associated with an employee's termination from a company.

Our services include comprehensive threat assessments, target monitoring and safety-oriented route planning.

Our methods ensure cost-effective solutions for a safe and trouble-free transition beyond the workplace, while prioritizing the safety of employees, assets and reputation.

Threat Assessments

After determining the scope of the threat, our former police trained investigators begin by collecting all necessary information related to the threat. We identify all potential vulnerabilities and then plan safety oriented routes to ensure maximum safety.

Undercover & Uniformed security

Depending on the circumstances of the termination, we can assign covert protection investigators as well as highly trained uniformed security guards with use of force options. Our clients can conduct all necessary procedures without fear of violence or retaliation. We also offer sensitive cargo-in-transit escorts.

When we conduct safety services for high risk terminations, our job is not done when the former employee leaves the building. Our surveillance services can continue for a predetermined amount of time, or until you are confident that the risk level has subsided. We offer 24/7 surveillance on the former employee, and sensitive area monitoring if any have been identified.

Utilizing our night vision technology for investigations, we can clearly identify and document a repeated vandalism to your property or place of business. Even in places under the cover of darkness, with no visible light around. This has many uses for private clients who are dealing with a neighbourhood nuisance, and also for corporate investigations, where the vandalism results in a loss of business or a damaged reputation.

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