Corporate Investigation Services Across Ontario

Solutions designed to mitigate Risk, prevent fraud, and promote safety.

WSIB and Disability Claims

Our experienced investigators know exactly what to look for when conducting investigations into fraudulent claims. Over 10 years of experience conducting corporate investigations means that we are at the right place, at the right time to capture critical evidence. We always accommodate specific client instructions & procedures for evidence collection and report processing. 

Human Resources and Solutions

Ensure efficient operations through ethical, timely and comprehensive investigation services. Our Human Resources Investigators provide complete background checks, research solutions, interviews and witness statements conducted professionally by former police officers. Our list of international and Canadian business clients range from private & family owners, to directors of Fortune 500 companies. 

Deep Dive Research

Our agency has extensive access to information around the world. Our local and international assets have capabilities beyond open source intelligence, and can access almost any information which you may need for your case. We have an excellent success rate for locating people around the world and obtaining hard to get information.

High Risk Terminations

We provide proactive measures to mitigate risks associated with an employee’s termination from a company. Our comprehensive threat assessment services include target monitoring and safety oriented route-planning. All safety related investigations are conducted by former Canadian and International Police Officers, Military and Government Protection Specialists. Our investigators have provided protection for principals such as executives, actors, musicians, sports icons, comedians, performers, and politicians. Our methods ensure cost-effective solutions for a safe and trouble-free transition beyond the workplace, while prioritizing the safety of employees, assets and reputation.