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Private Surveillance Custody TSCM Digital Forensics Solutions

Frequently ASked Questions

How do I get started?

Please contact our agency for a confidential, no obligation consultation. We will listen to you and understand your circumstances. If the services of a private investigator are right for you, we will proceed with the service agreement, financial retainer and begin with our preliminary investigation procedure.

How much notice is required before starting an investigation?

We normally require 24-48 hours to thoroughly prepare and brief investigators, however we understand that urgent situations arise. We do our best to accommodate client’s needs, and have started investigations within the hour of receiving approval.

Can we start an Investigation before the service agreement and retainer?

We require a signed Service Agreement as well as a financial retainer before commencing all investigations. This is necessary to comply with provincial laws, licensing regulations and our policies and procedures. We prioritize the needs of our clients and commit to professional standards at all times.

Are there any guarantees?

We guarantee that our approach to your case will be tailored to meet your requirements for confidentiality, due diligence, reporting and evidence collection. Your budget will be utilized efficiently, with all services and expenses outlined on an itemized invoice.

Due to the nature of our work, we cannot guarantee any activity on the subject’s behalf.

Can you Search a license plate?

Yes we can search license plate information, however we can’t do this for domestic investigations.

Do You Offer GPS Tracking?

Our GPS tracking services are limited to sales of GPS trackers to clients and product information and training.

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