Don’t Blush About Bed Bugs

You think you have Bed bugs? They’re annoying, a health risk when the infestation sets in, but they are nothing to be embarrassed about.
Bed bugs, especially these days, are not judgment on your housekeeping.  They are highly adapted parasites… which is why you might have picked  one up on an airline, in any hotel, at the movies, maybe one even latched on to you when shopping.
Wash your bedding every week? Vacuum your carpets regularly? It makes no difference to your security, Cimex Iectularius is a hardy little bloodsucker.  It is stealthy, too.
You probably didn’t notice the Bed bug that latched on to you in the airplane, at your hotel, in the theatre, or while riding the bus. You probably didn’t notice you had a little companion in your bed, or the chair in your study, or the couch in your den… wherever it was in your home that it decided to settle.
An egg-laying adult Bed bug is as fast as a cockroach, loves the dark, and is about 4x7mm at full size.  Once hatched, the eggs produce larvae that are about 1mm in size.  They have four stages to go through before they are mature enough to reproduce. Every stage of growth and laying eggs requires feeding.
What Bed bugs feed on is warm blood –yours and everyone in your home – even your pets.  Bed bugs aren’t too picky.
Bed bugs love the dark, and you probably won’t see any for a while. The first sign they are around will be the little swellings their bites leave behind… and these usually come in tell-tale clusters of three. The security of your home is already compromised and the Bed bug infestation hasn’t really started yet.
An early reaction is your best defence.  Don’t get flustered and resolve to really give your bedroom a good cleaning next weekend; it won’t make any real difference. False pride means fed-bugs and your problem is only beginning.  The security of your home is at risk.
Call for expert help immediately.  The longer you wait, the worse the Bed Bug infestation.
Instead, you might get a mattress cover but not realize they may be hiding in the headboard or in the baseboards.  A month later, the bites are an itchy rash, and you keep waking up to find fast-moving small Bed bugs on your sheets.  Some are full of your blood.  It’s a guerrilla war and you’re losing.
To find where the Bed bugs are breeding, it is never too late to get expert help.
Private Solutions Agency’s K9 Unit include specially trained dogs for finding Bed Bugs. Cimex Iectularius has a real talent for hiding out of sight, but they cannot escape a specialized dog’s nose!


Top 10 Bed Bug Infested Cities in Ontario

  1. Toronto
  2. Hamilton
  3. Sudbury
  4. Windsor
  5. Scarborough
  6. London
  7. North York
  8. Oshawa
  9. Mississauga
  10. Etobicoke

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