K9 Laika

Okay, you have bed bugs in your home or on your property.  You have the itchy rash from their bites; maybe you have seen one or two.  Heck, you might have crushed one and realized it had been feasting on your blood.  Now what?
First, don’t be embarrassed.  Bed bugs are not a result of your standards of housekeeping, and they could have come from any hotel, bus ride, air-line flight, or even just a shopping trip. Check out our previous article, “Do You Have Bed Bugs?”.
Secondly, don’t try to handle the bug infestation on your own.  Bed bugs can go without food for a year, their eggs can be anywhere, and they are superbly adapted to do what they do.  You are going to lose and the health consequences of the infestation will worsen if you think you can beat it on your own.
You can miss something if you have been flipping your mattresses and cushions over and aiming a can of bug spray at the black mass of eggs, old Nymph exoskeletons and black regurgitated blood. (Yeah, we know… Bed-bugs rate very high on the ‘ick’ factor).  Miss one female and an infestation can start again.
Third, Get professional help.
The most ‘scents-able’ thing you can do is bring in a trained dog.
Lakia is a Belgian Malinois dog used by Private Solutions Agency and she is an expert at nosing out Bed Bug Infestations.  Malinois dogs are the favourite detection dogs for police, military, and many private sectors.
A typical dog has a sense of smell ten thousand times more acute than a typical human.  Intelligent and cooperative, Malinois are even more perceptive that that – the elegant nose of a Malinois is packed with olfactory organs!
Lakia is especially trained to sniff out Bed-bug breeding locations.  In a very few minutes, she can find where they are laying their eggs, and the nymphs are clustering to grow.
Don’t guess where the infestation is… know where it is.  Lakia or the other trained dogs of Private Solution’s K-9 team will lead you right there.  When working, she won’t be distracted by other things, she is just interested in finding Bed-bugs.  After work, Laika has a very loving and gentle temperament and is trained and socialized to be excellent with children, small animals and elderly people. Of course, we would be happy for you if Lakia proved you are free of Bed bugs too.
At Private Solutions, we have experience with many small hidden things but Bed bugs are even more surprising than electronic listening bugs (We have seen those in strange places too!).  Bed-bugs typically lair somewhere within two metres of places where warm-blooded members of a household spend a lot of hours each day.
Lakia has found infestations under office chairs, in book-cases, in carpets, behind base-boards and head-boards, underneath floor-boards … any small dark place will do.
You are checking a property up for sale, ensuring the exterminators did the job, ‘doing it yourself’ with intelligence and efficiency, or doing a routine check in your business, our dogs don’t care.  They’ll just do the work.  Security of your property may rest with the nose of a dog.
Private Solutions would be your best bet for a Bed-bug sniffing canine.


Top 10 Bed Bug Infested Cities in Ontario

  1. Toronto
  2. Hamilton
  3. Sudbury
  4. Windsor
  5. Scarborough
  6. London
  7. North York
  8. Oshawa
  9. Mississauga
  10. Etobicoke

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